Life As Of Late..

Has not been very interesting! Still schooling it, working it & driving around too much. But here's a few crappy phone pictures!

Yesterday, I spent the day with this cute little boy, his mommy & my cousin. His baby brother is coming soon so I helped his momma out with decorating the baby's room.

Today, I finally got to see my "new" house (I put them in quotes only because it's not technically new). It's a pretty house, but it's a bit smaller than the one we live in now. It's okay though I'm only at my parent's house 3 or 4 days a week.

My room is literally a box. ): But at least it's got a spot for a chandelier & a walk-in closet! I can't wait to repaint it! The yellow is revolting.

Anyways, I'm taking my Godson out to Legoland tomorrow. I can't wait! (:

*Btw, most of the songs I post don't have anything to do with my posts.. they're just songs I'm currently obsessing with at the moment. (:

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  1. Wow! The outside of that house is pretty gorgeous!