So I'm back at my apartment in Orange County & I actually had time to organize just a little bit today.

I'm so glad my closet is actually organized for once. I can find what I need! I wish I had more color though.

I like to wear my shoes dirty. Can you believe this is only 4 pairs out of my 7 pairs of TOMS? Been supporting them for over a year & a half now. (:

And of course, my Instax camera & all my instax minis & Polaroids! I love them, but haven't decided what to do with them yet.

Well, I just had my 3rd cup of coffee in the past hour & I'm ready for my evening Art History class!


  1. Use fotoclips for the instax and polas! they sell them on photojojo.com, and you can make a pretty cool wall covering using them? maybe even part of your dinning room?


  2. That's an awesome idea.. & here I was trying to tape everything to my wall. Haha. Thanks! (: