A Lovely Surprise!

Don't you love getting hand written letters in the mail? I know I do! Nowadays it's so easy to send your loved ones messages & notes via technology whether it be through Facebook, email, text or any other way. I find it really impersonal so I love getting letters in the mail!

One of my best friends, Mandy, just recently moved to Philadelphia, which is literally across the country from me, so we agreed to become pen pals & write each other! She's also part of the reason why I'm writing this blog so we could read about each others adventures while living in different cities.

I was so happy when I got her letter in the mail today! Yay! It's so cute it says, "Olive You" inside. Haha.



This past Monday I took my Godson to Legoland. I love going to that place because it's so pretty! But honestly the rides are for teeny little 5 or 6-year-olds. Haha. My Godson & I had fun together that day!

Sorry for the low quality phone pictures again.. I don't like taking my SLR with me to theme parks! It was a gloomy day that day, but it wasn't crowded at all so we got to ride all the rides we wanted to more than once. (: And let me tell you.. those Apple Fries are yummyyy! I'll be going back again soon!


Life As Of Late..

Has not been very interesting! Still schooling it, working it & driving around too much. But here's a few crappy phone pictures!

Yesterday, I spent the day with this cute little boy, his mommy & my cousin. His baby brother is coming soon so I helped his momma out with decorating the baby's room.

Today, I finally got to see my "new" house (I put them in quotes only because it's not technically new). It's a pretty house, but it's a bit smaller than the one we live in now. It's okay though I'm only at my parent's house 3 or 4 days a week.

My room is literally a box. ): But at least it's got a spot for a chandelier & a walk-in closet! I can't wait to repaint it! The yellow is revolting.

Anyways, I'm taking my Godson out to Legoland tomorrow. I can't wait! (:

*Btw, most of the songs I post don't have anything to do with my posts.. they're just songs I'm currently obsessing with at the moment. (:



So I'm back at my apartment in Orange County & I actually had time to organize just a little bit today.

I'm so glad my closet is actually organized for once. I can find what I need! I wish I had more color though.

I like to wear my shoes dirty. Can you believe this is only 4 pairs out of my 7 pairs of TOMS? Been supporting them for over a year & a half now. (:

And of course, my Instax camera & all my instax minis & Polaroids! I love them, but haven't decided what to do with them yet.

Well, I just had my 3rd cup of coffee in the past hour & I'm ready for my evening Art History class!


Let Them Eat Cake!

Have you ever seen Marie Antoinette the movie directed by Sofia Coppola? If you haven't I recommend you do. It's got a choppy storyline, I'll admit, but it is most definitely a very pretty movie & it's got an awesome soundtrack.

(via google.)

Anyways! I baked cake today. The concept inspired by this pretty post. I know.. they were baked in bread pans, I have no clue why I chose to use them, but I did. Every I baked with was store bought: yellow cake mix, Betty Crocker rainbow chip frosting & food coloring.

The lighting in my parent's dining room is terrible. It's hard to tell that the cake is turquoise, lime green & peach inside. It was really yummy though. (:

If Only I Had a Desk to Work On.

This is my lovely desk.. full of crap. It's overloaded with miscellaneous craft supplies, paint brushes, paint, nail polish, unread books, water bottles, diet coke cans & other clutter. And yes, I'm aware that my calendar says June & it's already August.

In the mean time I'll just work on my ancient art history paper on my laptop, sitting on my bed, listening to Feist. Yup. I need to clean up around here.


A Peek At My Room.

At my parent's home that is. It's Friday so that means I'll be home for the weekend. I thought I'd share a few shots of my bedroom here.

I'm taking LA, Rachel & Courtney's online Home Ec class, but to tell you the truth I haven't started yet. Today is the last day of class, but thank goodness the blog will be up for a year! I just don't have time to sew right now moving out & all.

My memo board is full of school photos that my adorable little cousins & Godsons have given me throughout the years. They're so cute! I'm seriously the oldest of about 15 cousins.. sooo that means lots of little kiddos in the fam!

I'll admit it.. I'm a nerd! I LOVE, love, love Star Wars since I was about 9 when my dad took my brothers & I to watch Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I fell in love with it & eventually watch all 6 movies countless times. Between my brother & I.. we've got a bunch of Star Wars paraphernalia including this vintage 7" vinyl record case.

I hate Chuck E. Cheese's, but I love my cousin enough to take them so I do. I love these little pictures though so I always make them take picture with me. They also love to draw me pictures! (:

My dad brought me those photos from Hawaii about 4 years ago. I think they're beautiful. I used to be a dancer & danced for about 5 years myself.

Oh & of course I couldn't forget my mini instant camera collection (minus my white Instax Mini). [From left to right] I died when I saw that China printed Diana so I asked my mom to get it for me last Christmas.. though I still haven't figured out how to use it without wasting film. That black Polaroid camera I found at one of my favorite thrift stores in Escondido for $5 & I couldn't resist! Last, but not least, my Barbie Polaroid camera! I grew up in the Barbie era so this cam came out when I was younger & I've always wanted one! Now to find me the very rare Hello Kitty Polaroid Camera... Haha.

So anyways! There's a peek at my bedroom.. the rest of it is unbelievably messy & I'm sure none of you want to see it. I just found out that my family's moving into a new home next month & I'm really excited! I blank slate to create a bedroom. Yay! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! (:


Wednesday & Thursday.

So yesterday I woke up late, but spent my short morning listening to She & Him. I wish I had a prettier record player, but I love how this one is so light & easy to move around. I also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time before I went to class. I know, I know! I can't believe I haven't watched it yet, but I remember seeing glimpses of it since I was little & I loved it!

Today, I had vegetarian spaghetti today for lunch. I just threw together some veggies, tomato sauce & tossed it over some pasta. Yum!

So this is my dining room. I definitely have a lot of work to do with it & I'm going to turn it into my studio area as well. I need to get an easel because I'm not comfortable painting with oil paint on my dining table. I'll also be making the far wall into an inspiration wall. I'm so excited!


Hello New Blog.

I've been blogging on & off for a while now. One of my goals for this year was to keep my blog going, which I will do. Just like any other new blogger it's hard to tell where your blog is going. My other blog just happened to become a blog full of my favorite things, my favorite blogs, & other pretty inspirations. I love the idea of it, but I really want to have a place to blog about my life. I've just recently moved out of my parent's house (well partially at least) so this is kind of a little document of putting myself together. Also to make this even more personal I'll only be sharing my own pictures that I take myself on this blog (*with the exception of some inspirational images that may or may not be mine). (: