Wednesday & Thursday.

So yesterday I woke up late, but spent my short morning listening to She & Him. I wish I had a prettier record player, but I love how this one is so light & easy to move around. I also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time before I went to class. I know, I know! I can't believe I haven't watched it yet, but I remember seeing glimpses of it since I was little & I loved it!

Today, I had vegetarian spaghetti today for lunch. I just threw together some veggies, tomato sauce & tossed it over some pasta. Yum!

So this is my dining room. I definitely have a lot of work to do with it & I'm going to turn it into my studio area as well. I need to get an easel because I'm not comfortable painting with oil paint on my dining table. I'll also be making the far wall into an inspiration wall. I'm so excited!


  1. I like the new blog! And I personally love your dinning room, so much room for creative decorating! =]

  2. Aww. Thanks! I know that's the only good part about my dining room. I just don't know where to start!